How to Avoid Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

3 Tips From Real Moms

Stretch marks. For many pregnant moms, they seem inevitable. And while you may feel thrilled about your growing baby bump, stretch marks are one of pregnancy’s features that we typically dread.

Nowadays, you’ll find plenty of tips on how to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy, but do they actually work? Here, we’ll break down all the info on stretch marks and give you real tips on how to prevent and treat them.

Can You Actually Prevent Stretch Marks?

Unfortunately, there’s no solid-gold guarantee that you won’t get stretch marks during pregnancy. However, there’re many things you can do to help prevent or reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

We know that doesn’t sound very promising, but not all hope is lost. We’ll give you some easy, down-to-earth methods that’ll help you maintain your skin’s health. Even if you do get stretch marks, we’ve included ways to help them fade after you’ve given birth.

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What Causes Stretch Marks?

Anyone can get stretch marks. That’s because stretch marks happen when the skin stretches or shrinks. This causes the elastin and collagen in your skin to break. Stretch marks form as your skin heals, producing the appearance of lines in the skin. These lines can be white, pink, red, purple or blue in color, and be large or small.

For many pregnant people, stretch marks can appear on the belly, thighs, lower back and breasts. They begin to appear as your baby bump grows. While stretch marks are perfectly normal during pregnancy, you can always talk to your physician if you have any concerns.

While stretch marks don’t physically hurt, they can cause us to feel mental and emotional turmoil. You may feel less confident about your appearance or feel anxious about how your skin looks.

If you feel any stress about how you look, know it’s okay to feel that way. Our appearance is a major part of our identity, and it’s challenging to face something that’s somewhat out of our control. If you’re struggling, you may want to consider talking it out with a loved one or getting in touch with a mental health professional. Remember, you deserve support and to feel good about yourself.

3 Tips for Preventing Stretch Marks

1. Hydration, Hydration!

2. Support Collagen Production

Collagen is a protein in your body that creates connective tissue. It happens to provide your skin structure and strength, allowing it to withstand stretching.

To help avoid stretch marks, you can try supporting your body’s natural process of collagen production. Here are some things to try:

  • Proper sleep: We know it can be hard to get a full eight hours when you’re expecting. Unfortunately, our collagen production can drop from a lack of adequate sleep. Do your best to get enough rest, whether it’s a full night’s worth or intermittent naps throughout the day.

  • Stay active: When we get our heart rate up, we increase our circulation. This circulation helps our bodies create collagen. So, try to get a little exercise each day during your pregnancy. Whether it’s going for a walk, doing a yoga session or a simple set of arm lifts from your couch, any movement will help.

  • Manage stress: Easier said than done, we know. But stress can increase cortisol levels, which reduces collagen production. Do your best to manage stress and cut out stressful factors in your life. This may mean delegating tasks to others, watching a funny movie or meditating. Try to find what works for you.

3. Moisturize Your Belly

Your skin needs moisture to maintain its elasticity. Moisturizing may help prevent stretch marks while also nourishing your skin, helping to keep it soft.

If you have dry skin or are over 40, you may want to moisturize it multiple times a day. Apply it to your belly, thighs, breasts and any other areas that need some extra help.

Do Stretch Marks Go Away?

If you’ve tried every prevention method and still are experiencing stretch marks, don’t lose heart. Over time, some stretch marks may go away or become less noticeable.

If you want to speed up that process, there are treatment methods such as laser skin resurfacing or microneedling. You can also try home remedies, such as moisturizing the area with aloe vera.

Keep in mind that it’s easier to reduce the appearance of stretch marks when they first appear, as older ones are more difficult to fade. If you have newer stretch marks from pregnancy, try to address them sooner rather than later.

Stretch Marks Are Proof of a Miracle

We’re often taught that stretch marks are flaws to be ashamed of and covered up. But stretch marks are proof of the life you carried inside you. If anything, stretch marks are physical evidence of your strength, resilience and courage.

However you feel about your stretch marks, take it one day at a time. You may hate them one day and appreciate them the next. Don’t be afraid to hear what other moms are saying about their stretch marks, or to see them in a new light. And remember that you are more than just your stretch marks. You’re a true miracle worker who creates life.

Supporting Moms One Day at a Time

At Willow, we know the road to motherhood is full of unexpected twists and turns. That’s why we’re here to support every phase of your journey, from the beginning stages of pregnancy to postpartum recovery. Find the tips and insights you need by exploring our blog today.

The content provided here is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of medical professionals. It should not be used to diagnose or treat medical conditions or problems. Please contact your healthcare provider with questions or concerns.
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