10 Tips to Make Breastfeeding More Comfortable

Easy ways to make it work best for you.

Let’s face it mama—your breasts are working hard. You may treasure the time with your newborn, but breastfeeding can be painful for a lot of mothers. If you want to make breastfeeding more comfortable for you and your baby, we’ve put together the top tips to help you on your journey.

  1. Do Your Research

    There are countless websites, blogs and parenting books out there that can help. You can tap into these resources, but keep it simple. Ask your fellow mothers for book recommendations or their favorite websites. Read reviews of books and see what other mothers are saying to find one that's right for you.

  2. Ask For Help When Needed

    No two breastfeeding journeys are alike. Know that you’re not alone and can get support for you and your baby. Here are some great ways to ask for help:

    • Talk to your mama friends: Need ideas or moral support? Connect with your fellow mothers who breastfed. They can provide you with the empathy and advice you need.
    • Find a community: There are tons of mothers out there just like you. There may be an in-person group that you can find through Meetup or try joining an online Facebook group. Even mommy blogs are a great way to connect with others and hear similar stories.
    • Contact a lactation consultant: If you're struggling with breastfeeding and feel frustrated or guilty, you’re not alone. Contacting a lactation consultant can be a life-saver. You can make an appointment at a clinic or have them come to your home. They’ll empower you with new ideas, guidance and encouragement.
    • Go to a breastfeeding support center: Google “breastfeeding support centers near me” and make an appointment at your local clinic. These support centers can give you solid advice on what you can do to make breastfeeding a better experience for you and your baby.

  3. Establish a Comfortable Space

    Choose a dedicated breastfeeding area that has everything you need. This will keep you from having to go back and forth between areas for nursing supplies. You can even create a nursing station and store items on a small shelf or in a cabinet. Keep things like a pillow, blanket, wipes, baby diapers, a water bottle, or cushions in this space.

    You don’t need an entire room to create a breastfeeding station. Simply choose a specific area of your home with your supplies nearby. Store your items in a designated bag or basket for compact storage and put them near the corner of your sofa.

  4. Find a Hold That Supports Your Breasts & Baby

    One of the most important rules for comfortable breastfeeding is to make sure you and your baby are supported. Keep your breast in its natural position and bring your baby to your nipple. Have or pillow behind your back or head to reinforce your breastfeeding position, or lean against a supportive cushion. You can give your arms a rest by propping them up with cushions or leaning your child against your body. There are many breastfeeding positions, so find what works for you.

  5. Wear Cozy Nursing Clothes

    Trying to pull up a tight tank top when it’s time to breastfeed is the worst. When you’re a nursing mama, choose clothes that are comfy or those specifically designed for nursing so you don't struggle to get your breast out.

    The type of clothing you wear depends on the current weather. You might like loose-fitting nursing dresses during the summer and stretchy sweaters during the winter. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s designed for nursing and makes you feel good.

  6. Stay Stocked Up On Supplies

    What supplies do you need to stay worry-free during breastfeeding? Keep those items stocked and ready to use in your closet or nursing bag. This will ease your mind and help you avoid being in a tough spot when you need to nurse your baby. Have a list handy so you can write down items you’re low on.

    Have plenty of storage bags and containers for your breastmilk and enough burp cloths. Keep extra nursing pads on you for potential leaks. Stock up on your favorite nipple ointment and lotions, especially if you struggle with sore or chapped nipples. You’ll avoid tons of stress and be way more comfortable knowing you have everything you need.

  7. Switch to Pumping

    Getting on a pumping schedule is one of the best things you can do. Whether you have engorged breasts or are trying to increase your milk supply, investing in a good breast pump can bring you relief and stability. And when you need to multitask, pair it with a little miracle known as a pumping bra. This helps you pump while being hands-free (which is perfect for extra baby snuggles).

  8. Hydrate & Rest

    Did you know that the amount of water you drink affects your milk supply? It makes sense—most of your milk is made of water. Before you breastfeed, drink a glass of water, and stay hydrated throughout the day. Keep a water bottle at your feeding station as a reminder, and use a hydration app to help you keep track.

    You also need plenty of rest to help you produce milk. We know relaxation time as a mama is a challenge. Sometimes you have to sneak in little naps during the day or ask for help from others. Try to make it a priority.

  9. Switch Positions

    If you’re getting sore and stiff from nursing, give your joints some relief by changing positions. Different breastfeeding positions also allow different parts of your nipple to experience less continuous pressure.

    Try lying on your side with a cushion between your legs. Or you can lie down on your bed with a pillow or two under your upper body. Remember, there’s more than one way to breastfeed. You have to find a breastfeeding position that’s comfortable for you.

  10. Find Some Entertainment

    Have a little “me time” while nursing and indulge in your favorite comfort show. Or use this time to invest in your interests and passions. Have a craft or project you want to learn how to do? Try some DIY videos on YouTube. You can also turn on a podcast or listen to music right from your mobile device.

    If you love books but have no time to read, try an audiobook. Audible, Apple Books and Google Play Books are great ways to find the latest bestsellers. If you have a local library, see if they use an e-borrowing system like the Libby app so you can stream audiobooks for free.

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The content provided here is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of medical professionals. It should not be used to diagnose or treat medical conditions or problems. Please contact your healthcare provider with questions or concerns.
Which pump is right for you?
Which pump is right for you?

Which pump is right for you?

Which pump is right for you?

Which pump is right for you?

Which pump is right for you?

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