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Everything You Need to Know About the “Pump & Pour” Support Program

Everything You Need to Know About the “Pump & Pour” Support Program

Get the details on our virtual group sessions — a complimentary benefit for all Willow Go pumpers. 

Since the beginning, we’ve set out to create a more supportive system for moms on their feeding journey — answering their questions, connecting them with experts, and giving them the tools they needed to feed on their terms.

Our virtual “Pump & Pour” program for Willow Go pumpers is one of the many ways that we set them up for success. A group coaching program led by our Willow Mom Coaches, it’s an opportunity to learn more about important topics like flange fit, pump cleaning, optimizing suction, and more. These are all things that lead to more comfort and more milk output! 

Read on for everything you need to know about the Pump & Pour program. 

Program Overview

Pump & Pour is designed to support you wherever you are on your journey: whether you’re brand new to pumping, just getting started with your Willow Go, navigating a sudden change in comfort or output, or just want confirmation that you’re using the right-size flange.

These sessions are also an opportunity to connect with other Willow moms who are navigating life with babies and doing their best to feed with confidence. Nothing compares to community! 

Most importantly? They’re led by our unparalleled Mom Coaches, who go above and beyond to answer every last question and provide guidance that’s based on your needs — not textbook responses. 

(P.S. These sessions are not meant to take the place of reaching out to our Customer Care team, which is the best way to get timely support if you’re dealing with a more urgent issue.)

Key details:

  • 30-minute virtual sessions that take place every week 
  • Hosted by Willow Mom Coaches — special members of our customer care team who are trained on all things pump sizing (many are Certified Lactation Educators, too)
  • Personalized support: when you book your session, you can share the topics you’d like to discuss and your Mom Coach will be sure to address them

Commonly Covered Topics 

While you should feel free to come to your session with whatever’s on your mind, these are some of the most popular topics that our Mom Coaches help to address. 

The adjustment period:

  • Why wearable pumps can come with a “learning curve” and how to help your body adjust as quickly as possible 

Flange fit:

  • Why wearable pump sizing is different than what you might be used to if you’ve been using a traditional pump
  • How to measure your nipples to identify your flange size 
  • How to use our silicone sizing inserts if you’re in need of a more snug and comfortable fit 
  • How to tell if you need to re-measure your nipples once you’ve been pumping

Optimizing suction and alignment: 

  • Top reasons you might not be feeling suction (incorrect placement of diaphragm, poor flange fit, incorrect assembly) and how to troubleshoot 
  • Why alignment is important and how to properly align your pump on your breast

Bra fit: 

  • Why your bra is so important when pumping with a wearable 
  • What the “right fit” feels like and tips for finding one that works


  • Tips for easy pump cleaning 
  • How to keep your pump clean when traveling or on-the-go

Ready to get started?

Just half an hour with one of our Mom Coaches will give you the confidence and clarity you need to pump more freely. 

If you’re a Willow Go pumper, click here to register for an upcoming Pump & Pour session.