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Level up your pump.

Choose the ONLY hands-free, leak-free, hospital-grade wearable pumps designed for ultimate freedom.

Majority of moms get more output with Willow

Fully in bra with no bulky motor

App-controlled with access to expert services and support

Clinically tested and FDA approved

Find the pump that's right for you.

Your perfect match is waiting! Use the Pump Quiz or Comparison Chart to find the Willow Breast Pump that fits your life.

Not sure what you need?

Built better. Because you deserve better.

  • Fits fully in-bra
  • Cordless, with no clunky motors
  • Hospital-grade suction
  • 100% leak-proof (360 mobility)
  • Mobile app
  • Access to expert content via app
  • Customer care team of moms
  • Highest capacity wearable
    • Willow Pumps

    • Willow 360
    • Willow Go
    • Traditional Pumps

    • Some
    • Other Wearable Pumps

    • Some
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Free Shipping

Free shipping on all pump orders - delivering pumping freedom to your front door!

Exclusive Savings

Save on pumps with insurance, professional discounts, or payments starting at just $29.*

A Superior Kind of Care

The only service team made up of U.S. based moms to support your feeding journey.

Find Willow at Target

Discover the convenience of Willow breast pumps and accessories, now available at most Target stores.

It's Good to Be a Willow Mom

“This game-changing wearable breast pump [Willow 360] features a gravity-defying latch that lets you pump in any position.”

“Willow Go is an all-around favorite thanks to the fact that it’s dishwasher-safe, has no external wires or tubes, and on a connected app.”

“Simply put, the Willow 360 is a game-changer for modern moms, offering revolutionary convenience and peace of mind.”

“[Willow Go has] 45° leak-proof mobility, and an app-connected control. You can pump and live your life at the same time.”

Commonly Asked Questions