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What Makes Willow Pumps Different: Reviews from Real Moms

What Makes Willow Pumps Different: Reviews from Real Moms

Hands-free, hospital-grade, app-controlled — and built for the flexibility and freedom you need.

Since designing the first wearable breast pump in 2017, we’ve continued to innovate with the goal of putting moms in control. Today, our pumps are built differently for countless reasons: hands-free with no bulky motor, designed with a shape that mimics the breast, optimized for comfort and output, and app-controlled for unparalleled convenience and freedom.

But don’t take our word for it — hear from Willow moms themselves and choose the pump that helps moms pump more successfully.

“It’s made pumping so much more accessible for a busy mom like me. I often think to myself “Wow, if all I had was my Spectra, I wouldn’t be pumping right now and I would have either lost this opportunity to add to my stash, or sent my body a message to decrease production. Because I can be mobile while pumping, I find myself reaching for the Willow more.” - Hannah


Built for More Comfort and Milk Output

Willow Go is our pump optimized for comfort and more milk output. In a 2024 survey of pumpers, 8/10 moms say Willow Go is more comfortable than their other wearable pumps, while 7/10 moms say that they get better milk output.

The science behind moms’ increased pumping success? A thoughtful design that mimics the shape of the breast with an internal donut-shaped motor for better weight distribution, and a tug-and-release latch with totally customizable suction. Plus, a longer flange tunnel (think: less nipple rubbing and abrasion) and a wider flange cone for more coverage and better emptying.

“I’ve tried the Momcozy S9 and it was super painful. I also tried the Pumpables Genie Advanced but it did not suit my lifestyle as a busy RN and mom. The Willow Go has, hands down, met and exceeded my expectations.” - Cheyanne

“I have elastic nipples and was struggling with [other pumps]. After dealing with decreased milk output and nipple damage, I decided to try the Willow Go and was shocked to find how comfortable and effective it is… I have gone from struggling to pump 3oz to mindlessly pumping 4-7 oz per session. I’m using this as my primary pump and couldn’t be happier!” - Tricia

“I’ve tried the Medela Freestyle as well as the MomCozy 12 and this pump outperformed and is much more durable than both. I wasted so much money trying other “more affordable” pumps and am kicking myself for not just purchasing the Willow Go at the very beginning!” - Kari

Designed for Ultimate Convenience and Control

The belief that moms deserve more flexibility, convenience, and control when pumping has guided our pump design since the start. 

It’s why Willow 360 is compatible with reusable containers or milk bags that are leak-proof, self-sealing, and ready-to-store when removed from the pump — making it easier to pump on the go, store milk quickly and safely, and do it all without spilling a drop. (Pumping with Willow Go? Choose from 5 oz or 7 oz containers based on your capacity needs.)

“While my Medela plug in pump works great, I almost never use it anymore (and I’ve had it for all my four babies) because the Willow is so effective and convenient. I love being able to pump into the milk containers or the bags. I love not having cords hanging or pieces sticking out. I love being able to pump anywhere I am, like the car, while I pick up for the evening, cooking meals, doing dishes or laundry. Love that there aren’t a billion pieces to disassemble, pieces that are difficult to wash, or that get lost in the sink water or dishwasher.” - Camille 

    It’s why both of our pumps are app-connected and controlled, making it possible for moms to manage their sessions, track their output, and even connect with feeding and parenting experts with a tap. Even better: if you’re pumping with Willow 360, you can use the app from your Apple Watch!

    And it’s why we design accessories that make pumping even easier, from our Portable Breast Milk Cooler (designed to store your milk at a safe temp for up to 24 hours) to our Pump Anywhere Bag and Case (durable, discreet, and roomy enough to hold it all). 


    Supported by Expert Guidance and Care

    Most moms find that wearable pumps (like all things baby feeding!) come with a bit of a learning curve — and Willow pumps are no different. The good news: by perfecting your flange fit, picking the right pumping bra, and making sure your pump is properly aligned on your breast, you can be up and running with optimal comfort and output in no time. 

    Our customer care team is here to help with all of this and more. Based in the US and made up of mostly moms (many who have pumped with Willow themselves!), they’re available to answer questions and troubleshoot in the moment — not a day or two later. 

    “This pump has literally saved my breastfeeding journey this time around. The customer care team has been an incredible asset from coaching sessions to quickly replacing one of my pumps when it stopped working entirely. Thank you, Willow, for everything.” - Danielle 

    “The support I received was amazing! Cat was so accommodating and really took the time to make sure I was able to understand the Willow 360 pump. We corrected my size and she was able to send me sizing inserts to help me along my breastfeeding and pumping journey. She also explained the best way to achieve a good latch. Her bubbly personality really put me at ease.” - Crystal

    “Sam was great. I can’t lie — this pump can be a little tricky, but it’s really worth it if you can get the hang of it. This was the best product support I have ever received from a purchase. Ever.” - Mai-Ling

    Beyond onboarding and sizing support, we offer parenting and feeding education through the Willow app. Moms can access expert-backed articles and videos on topics ranging from increasing supply to establishing a pumping schedule, and book 1:1 sessions with lactation consultants, postpartum doulas, pelvic floor therapists, mental health professionals, and more.

    Start Pumping Freely with Willow

    Cut the cords. Ditch the dupes. Choose Willow – the only wearable pumps built to give you the freedom you deserve. Because moms deserve better.