The easiest time to increase milk supply is during the first two months postpartum because it can become more challenging as your baby gets older. 

However, the secret to increasing milk supply at any stage is to empty your breasts as completely as possible as often as possible to create a signal to your body that more milk is required. It’s all about supply and demand. 

Try Power Pumping and the Babymoon Method to Increase Milk Supply 

Two methods moms use to empty their breasts more than usual are Power Pumping and the Babymoon.

  1. Power pumping is the removal of milk using a breast pump every 15 minutes for 15 minutes in a one to two hour period once a day.

  2. A babymoon consists of cuddling up in bed with your baby all weekend, skin-to-skin and allowing her to feed as often and as long as she wants. It's the combination of emptying the breast and skin-to-skin for the entire weekend that sends a signal that more milk is needed.

We hope this was helpful, mama. 

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This article was written in partnership with our International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Wendy Wright, who loves working side by side with moms and babies to find that secret sauce! She’s also a mother of two and the Mom Experience Lead at Willow Pump.