Willow Breast Pump with Milk Storage Bags or Milk Storage Container

Getting a Willow Breast Pump with Insurance Coverage

What You’ll Need

A signed prescription from your OBGYN

Insurance information & card

Your OBGYN’s contact information

Unfortunately, promo codes do not apply to purchases made through the Insurance Checker.

If you’re seeking reimbursement for a pump you’ve already purchased, or would prefer to contact your insurance company directly, please read on for more information.

Reminder: usually, expectant and new moms are eligible to receive one breast pump per delivery. If you have recently received another pump through insurance, you will not be eligible for coverage.

Insurance FAQs

  1. Will my insurance cover Willow?
    • Each plan is different. Contact your insurance company to learn more about your options.
    • Your pump may be considered an Out-of-Network benefit. Some plans allow for Out-of-Network, while others do not, so there may be out-of-pocket costs associated.
  2. Which questions should I ask my insurance company?
    • Does my plan cover an electric breast pump?
    • When am I eligible to receive a breast pump through insurance?
      • Depending on your plan, you may be eligible before the baby is born and/or up to 12 months after delivery.
    • Do I have to purchase your In-Network “recommended” breast pump(s) or can I purchase an Out-of-Network pump and get reimbursed?
    • What is the dollar limit to coverage? Do I need to hit a deductible first?
      • If your insurance allows for Out-of-Network, you might need to meet your deductible before they will cover the cost.
    • Do I need a prescription and from whom (e.g., pediatrician, OBGYN, nurse practitioner)? What information does it need to include?
      • If a prescription is required, your physician or midwife can assist you. Willow is not a health care provider and cannot provide a NPI number or diagnosis code. We can provide an itemized invoice which includes our tax ID number, legal company name and address. If you need this information, reach out to our customer care team.
    • Do you cover breast pump supplies like flanges, storage bags, etc?
      • Depending on your plan, some insurance companies will cover part or all of the cost of pumping accessories.
    • Are specific reimbursement codes required?
      • For the Willow Pump and accessories, you may need the following codes*: Pump E0603, Flange A4284, Pump Tube A4281, Milk Bags K1005 and Container A4285. Your insurance company ultimately decides which codes are appropriate.
    • Can I purchase a Willow Pump now and provide a receipt for reimbursement?
      • Check with your insurance. Some companies will allow you to submit a receipt from Willow or another retailer for reimbursement.
  3. When will Willow be In-Network with my insurance?
    • We’re working hard to give moms more options to purchase Willow through insurance.
    • If you are unhappy with your In-Network options, ask your insurance provider to establish an In-Network contract with Willow–this may help expedite the process.