Yes, it is possible!

The likelihood of success centers on the reason you are pumping. If you started pumping because your baby had a tongue tie, and you baby still has that tongue tie, then breastfeeding may not be comfortable for you or an efficient way to feed for your baby.

If you started pumping to boost supply or maybe you needed to be away from your baby, then, the chances are much greater. It may be worth setting up some time with a lactation consultant so she can guide you as you attempt to latch an older baby. Go slow, give yourself grace and be gentle with yourself and your little one. Even if your baby doesn't begin directly breastfeeding she is still getting all the goodness of your breastmilk.

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This article was written in partnership with our International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Wendy Wright, who loves working side by side with moms and babies to find that secret sauce! She’s also a mother of two and the Mom Experience Lead at Willow Pump.