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What Makes Willow’s Customer Care Team Different From the Rest

What Makes Willow’s Customer Care Team Different From the Rest

Our team is based in the US, made up of mostly moms, and ready to respond when you need them. 

Like so many things related to baby feeding, pumping can come with a bit of a learning curve — and lots of emotions, too. This is why choosing a pump with an informed, empathetic, and responsive customer service team is so critical!

Below, we’re diving into what you should look for in a care team, and what makes ours different from the rest. The most important thing to remember? You deserve the very best support on your pumping journey.  

A Team That’s Ready to Respond

If your pump has suddenly stopped working, or you’re experiencing a sudden change in comfort or milk output, you’ll want to get in touch with someone right away — not send a message and wait hours (or days) for a response. 

At Willow, our care team is available 7 days a week, and moms wait less than 20 seconds on average before a member of our care team picks up the phone or responses to a live chat. They’re also ready to respond to emails and even Instagram DMs! In other words: we’re meeting moms where they are, when they need help. 

Here’s a tip: before you make a pump purchase, attempt to get in touch with the customer care team and see how long you have to wait for a response. You can also search for mentions about customer care in reviews — unfortunately, you’ll see that many pumps offer no support after you’ve made your purchase. 

A Team Based in the US

Too many pump companies outsource their customer support to third parties in different time zones. This impacts their ability to provide timely support to their customers in the US, and potentially, the quality of the support provided as well. 

At Willow, our support reps are actual members of our team, working hours that align with what the majority of our moms need.

A Team Made Up of Moms

At Willow, more than 80% of the agents on our team are moms — and many of them have actually pumped with Willow, too. 

This means that they’ve likely gone through what you’re going through and have firsthand experience finding the right flange fit, optimizing alignment and suction, and more. 

A Team That Offers Personalized Support

Through our “Pump & Pour” coaching sessions (for Willow Go pumpers) and “360 Care” sessions (for Willow 360 pumpers), our Mom Coaches are able to provide personalized guidance on important topics like onboarding and sizing. 

These virtual sessions give moms an opportunity to get intimate, hands-on support with whatever they’re dealing with, and walk away with the tools they need to pump confidently. 

If you have a Willow Go, learn more about Pump & Pour

If you have a Willow 360, learn more about 360 Care 

Common Support Topics 

While you can reach out to our team at any point, here are some of the topics that our team finds themselves walking through most often: 

  • Sizing: how to know if you’re using the right flange, how to know if you need inserts, how often to measure your nipples 
  • Accessory replacement: how to know if/when you need it 
  • Travel tips: what to know about pumping while traveling, commuting to work, etc.
  • Getting up to speed again: re-orienting yourself with your Willow pump before your second/third baby

P.S. We also offer “self serve” support through our app, where you’ll find a mini onboarding program as well as articles and videos to help you make the most of your Willow pump. This content has been reviewed by our care team and is a great option if you’re not dealing with an acute issue and prefer to learn at your own speed! 

Get The Support You Need to Feed

Learn more about pumping with Willow, and if you’re already a part of our family, don’t forget you can always get in touch with our care team here