Willow Scrapbook: Our 2022 in Review

A yearend round-up to wrap things up.

One of the things about being a mom is that time happens non-linearly and it’s only when you look back at key milestones—or iPhotos thankfully reminds us of first steps, first solids, or the first bath—that you remember everything that’s happened. We feel that way about our baby, Willow, too! So here’s a little bit about what Willow did in 2022.

Unveiled the Willow Go

Launched in early 2022, Willow Go, was voted one of the best, most affordable wearable pumps of 2022 by Babylist but most of the rave reviews it has earned are from you. It’s ultra-powerful, designed to optimize your milk output and has earned a 100% comfort rating from our moms. We’re obsessed with it, and so are you.

Demanded We Register for More

We partnered with comedian Ilizia Shlesinger to give a serious matter a hilarious (and very real) twist. We took a stand against motherhood being harder than it needed to be and encouraged moms not to just suck it up and to register for more! Hundreds of you registered for better support, better solutions and a better world for moms.

Fought For Parental Rights

We accelerated our fight for fair and equitable parental rights, continued to advocate for a national paid family leave policy, updated our own reproductive healthcare benefits and changed our data collection privacy policies to protect you in a post-Roe v. Wade world.

Imagined What a Mom's World Would Be

Let’s be honest, moms are in charge of everything. But what if the structure was ours, we made the rules (and they were followed) and we were recognized and respected. You painted a picture of what that would look like and the answers weren't that surprising—a mom's world it’s about love, compassion, understanding, community and support. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Made Pumping Anywhere Easy

You pump anywhere, so we wanted to make it easier for you to go—anywhere! We designed our Pump Anywhere Bag & Pump Anywhere Case to snugly fit your pumps and keep your liquid gold chilled (in a built in cooler bag!) all while looking pretty darn cool if we do say so ourselves.

Gave During Unprecedented Times

We gave away hundreds of pumps and donated nursing & pumping bras to Baby2Baby to bring more freedom to every mom. By partnering with Baby2Baby, we helped put essential items into the hands of moms who need them most and supported families in need during an unprecedented time.

Created Clean, Thoughtful Skincare for Mama

We developed our Willow Mama Care because we wanted to bring clean, cruelty-free, baby-safe, and mama-safe solutions to you.. Made with our proprietary Willow Comfort Complex the nipple balm and belly oil is gentle, effective and nurturing for you and your skin

Gave You 1200 years (or 10 million hours) of Freedom

We couldn't believe our eyes on that stat: you've put in that many hours with your Willow pumps this year. Willow was created to build a better world for moms and you never cease to amaze us. Thank you for inspiring us every single day. We know (because we’ve been there too) that motherhood is really effing hard but moms are the ones that keep the proverbial trains running on time, you are the makers of magic, the wiper of tears, the one that everyone goes to for the good, the bad, the sad, the happy, the silly times. You do it all— and then some. That’s a power move.

Willow gives you options:
Find your perfect pump.

Willow gives you options:

Find your perfect pump.

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