Leak-Proof Milk Bags or Reusable Containers: Your Pumping Options with Willow 360™

Learn more about the two ways to pump with Willow 360 and find what’s right for you. Because you deserve options.

We believe that moms deserve options. That’s why Willow 360 is the only pump that’s compatible with both leak-proof milk bags or reusable containers, giving moms unprecedented choice when it comes to their pumping journey.

What’s the difference between the two, and how can you figure out which one is right for you? We’re answering your questions below!

Leak-Proof Milk Bags

If you’re wondering why you’ve never seen milk bags like this before, it’s because they’re totally unique to Willow. The patented technology is what supports ultimate pumping freedom, allowing for next-level mobility and unparalleled peace of mind.

Moms love that the 4-oz milk bags are a “closed system,” meaning that they keep milk totally hygienic, and are sealed and ready to store when removed from the pump. In other words: you can pump at work or on-the-go and put the bags directly into a fridge, freezer, or cooler without needing to transfer anything. It’s milk collection and storage all in one!

When it’s time to use your milk, simply cut along the dotted line and pour into a bottle. Easy.

The bags are also what make Willow 360 totally leak-proof. (Pumping into the containers will give you 180° of mobility without spills.) If you’re curious about how this works and what it looks like when the bag is sitting inside the pump flange, check out this video from our customer care team.

Finally, you’ll only have two pump parts to clean when using the milk bags: the flange and the Flextube™.

Reusable Containers

Our reusable containers are a more “plug and play” option for moms who aren’t necessarily looking for 360° mobility. If you’ve pumped with another wearable before, this is closer to what you’re used to! They allow for 180° movement without spills, meaning that you can still complete many daily tasks while pumping. Like the bags, they also hold 4 oz of milk.

Some moms prefer that the containers are a more sustainable option, as the milk bags are single-use only, and find that they make the pump a bit quicker and easier to assemble. (And we know that time can be of the essence when you’ve got a baby on your hands.) However, they do add a few more parts to clean once you’re finished.

Like all of our pump parts, our containers are dishwasher-safe and made without BPA.

Which is right for me?

Many of the moms who choose our milk bags are pumping at work — think: teachers, doctors, flight attendants — and need a quick, easy, and hygienic way to store their milk once they’re finished. They don’t have the time (or a clean space equipped with a sink) to transfer anything into a bottle or storage container at the end of their session, and they need peace of mind that their milk will remain free of contaminants no matter what their environment looks like. If this sounds like you, then milk bags may be your best bet!

If you plan to spend more time pumping at home, or just don’t feel like you’ll need 360° of totally leak-proof mobility, then you may want to start with our containers.

Remember: you can always keep a few sets of bags on hand for those occasions where you’ll be moving around a lot!

You can learn more about Willow 360 and shop here.

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Which pump is right for you?
Which pump is right for you?

Which pump is right for you?

Which pump is right for you?

Which pump is right for you?

Which pump is right for you?