There could be two causes! Popping on and off the breast is usually due to flow or an insufficient latch. 

Your Milk Flow Is Either Too Fast Or Too Slow

If your flow is very fast, your baby may pop off to catch her breath or rest before finishing the feed. If your flow has stopped or slowed, the baby popping on and off is like the stimulation setting on a breast pump—they are trying to stimulate the breast to let down again.

Your Latch Isn't Quite Right

Latch is another common reason that your baby might be popping on and off your breast and it could be because baby got it wrong and needs to adjust or the shape and/or firmness of the breast has changed as it empties and baby needs to readjust mid-feed to empty it properly.

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This article was written in partnership with our International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Wendy Wright, who loves working side by side with moms and babies to find that secret sauce! She’s also a mother of two and the Mom Experience Lead at Willow Pump.